Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!
In honor of Memorial Day, I have created a simple but sincere white heart wreath with red roses and baby's breath and added an elegant navy blue bow. I love the simplicity and the colors this wreath has to offer.

Enjoy your weekend with family and friends, nice food, some wine and maybe you will have some time to do some special crafting--that's my wish to you!

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I am fascinated with flowers and floral designing is my passion--I do my designing late at night since I am not a morning person! I love to cook and invent new recipes. My favorite is "refrigerator soup"--when I want homemade soup I find whatever is leftover in the fridge and cook up a pot of soup. It's always a surprise what comes out but is usually good! I love to hang out with my good friends just having some wine at home or out at our favorite restaurants. I like taking pictures of the flowers that I grow in my garden.