Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Team Tuesday!!

Welcome to the EtsyNJ Team Tuesday blog hop! Here's how it works - write a feature about any EtsyNJ team member on your blog (as long or as short as you'd like it to be) and then add the blog hop code at the end of this post and check out all of the other great features - get to know the EtsyNJ street team!!

This week I would like to feature one of Caroline's earrings from her Etsy shop New Hope Beading.

These awesome earrings are made from vibrant blue turquoise and contrasted with deep crimson coral and accented by Bali sterling silver beads, these earrings are absolutely gorgeous. Great to wear all year but especially nice in the summer.

Caroline carefully picks gemstones from across the globe to create very limited edition, often one-of-a-kind jewelry. She enjoys hand forging and hammering sterling, fine silver and copper pieces and incorporates silver directly from Bali or the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand. Hill tribe silver is 97.5% to 99% pure and is absolutely beautiful.

New Hope Beading proudly donates 5% of the price of each item purchased to the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ as thanks for the wonderful support they have given her family following her daughter's diagnosis of epilepsy.

Great job Caroline! I wish you much success with your business and with your daughter's treatment.


designsbydenise said...

Very pretty, I love the color combinations.

newhopebeading said...

Thank you so much for featuring my earrings... I wish I had a blog so I could hop around with you guys... one of these days I have to start one :)

Made by Melissa said...

I love Caroline's shop! I bought myself a peapod necklace and some earrings for Mother's Day, I love them both! I've worn the necklace every single day since I got the package!

Happy Hound Creative said...

Love this shop!!

From Nancys Heart said...

Wow! Such wonderful bead work ~ love it! :D

wreathmiccreations said...

Thanks for all the comments--when I get a buying urge I'm definitely going to visit Caroline's shop--I will have a problem choosing only one!!!


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