Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is my very first blog and I have no idea what I'm doing!

Not sure what I would like to say but, I guess, one has to start somewhere and this is the "somewhere" for me.

I love to create floral wreaths and arrangements and my mind is always thinking of the next design I will be making. Sometimes I think of too many designs and can't focus on just one--I hate when that happens but eventually my mind just comes to a halt and everything is crystal clear. That's when I'm finally at peace with myself and a beautiful floral design emerges. But, I must say, it is exhausting at times.

Other times, I just can't decide what to make and nothing gets done and I start browsing through floral magazines trying to get ideas and that sometimes backfires because then I have too many ideas!

Spring is here! I am dying to make some pretty wreaths to welcome the season. I love red tulips and nothing is more stunning than a mass planting of these beautiful flowers. I also look forward to seeing the first crocuses pop up on a cold crisp March day.

Daffodils are the old reliables and no one usually gets too excited when seeing them, but if you stop to admire these yellow beauties you can't deny they are an amazing flower as well. I can't help but think of the simple beauty found just outside my door and how dull Spring would be without these flowers!

Gee, it's not so bad writing this blog, maybe a bit boring for everyone but for me it's so exciting I feel my heart racing--getting a bit carried away here, slow down, Georgy!

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